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Project Description:

At least 150,000 units of the single season model have been sold via local home shopping store in just 6 months.

SS SHINY won the grand prize for customer satisfaction in Korea in 2016.

The aluminum heating plate reaches a temperature of up to 210 within 1 minutes, letting you create your desired hair volume and hairstyle.

The brush around the heating plate has low risk of burn.

The brush sliding horizontally and vertically minimizes hair tangling.

The product is compatible with a universal charging jack for easier and more convenient charging of the battery without time and place restrictions.

   Compatible with charging jacks of notebook computer, vehicle, and aux. battery charging jacks!

Temperature setting in one of three levels depending on the hair condition of the user : One of three temperatures (160, 180, and 210) is displayed on the LED window.

Remainder battery voltage displayed at 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%

The remainder battery voltage is displayed when you recharge the battery.


Free one-year warranty for after-sales service for product defects: (except defects due to causes attributable to the customer). Warranty period of the battery: six months.

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