<span class='notranslate'>PLASMA SKIN CARE SOLUTION</span>
Project Description:

   Plasma Skin Care Solution
PLACARE is a low-temperature plasma skin care device developed to help you more effectively control your skin. The fourth substance, plasma and ionic electrical energy, helps the skin to perform a variety of actions from the skin surface to the dermis
through the energy released. It is excellent for sterilizing the surface of the skin, increasing the absorption rate of cosmetic ingredients, and promoting skin elasticity.
Keep your skin healthy with plasma care every day!

 Product: PLACARE
 Model name: ZC-PCM001
 Applications: Plasma-based skin (face, body, etc.)management device
 Type of device: Beauty device
 Power supply: DC 5V, 1A / 2A (USB C-Type Connector)
   Maximum operating current (skin contact / plasma emission): 500mA or less
 Operating standby current (non-skin contact):100mA or less
 Battery: Li-iON Polymer 3.7V 1200mAh
 Charging time: Within about 2 hours(maximum 12 times when fully charged)
 Operation cycle: 1 time 15 minutes
 Plasma maximum output voltage: 5KV
 Ozone Emission: Not more than 0.05ppm
 Material: ABS, Ceramic
 Specification: 220mm (W) * 40mm (L) * 37mm (H)
 Proper use temperature and humidity:0 - 40 째 and 70% or less
 Salesperson: Zephyrus Company Plasma emission display
 Manufacturer: Zephyrus Company
 Country of manufacture: Korea
 Manufacturing Year: Separately Charging port (USB C-Type)

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