Grinding Machine
<span class='notranslate'>Grinding Machine</span>
Project Description:

 -Our own design and production of HIGH-FREQUENCY SPINDLE;
(Development of high speed and superfine spindle with MAX 120,000RPM)
-Korea official maintenance firm of high rigid high power GMN (Germany) Spindle;
-Korea official maintenance firm of German KAVO micro high frequency spindle;
-Repair of spindle for imported foreign equipment (Japan, German, etc.);
-Design and production of spindle for centerless grinder and spindle with superfine bearing;
-Development and repair of tooling M/C and high precision spindle; and
-Design and production of spindle for special봴se

-Our own design and production of fluid dynamic /hydrostatic spindle
(Under development of Guide봶ay for hydrostatic slide)
-Repaired, retrofitted and replaced many fluid dynamic/hydrostatic spindles for foreign leading grinder (TOYO,K0Y0,1SUMI,OKUMA, etc.)
-Has patented technology for AIR floatation high frequency spindle
(Co봯atent with FAG bearing Korea)

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